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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sweet Grandbaby

I couldn't post my first "Grandparents Day" card, and not introduce my sweet Grandbaby Ashleigh... who gave me the card.
Ashleigh is my first grandchild. There hasn't been a baby in my family in 25 years! She is also the only Grand-daughter to her other set of Grandparents... soooo you can imagine just how spoiled she is!!
Little girls are sugar n' spice, and everything nice.... They are also such FUN to buy for and dress up girlie!
We love putting pretty hats, bonnets and headbands on Ashleigh. She used to tolerate such things, but not anymore. Hats and headbands stay on just long enough for you to snap a picture or two... if you're really quick! LOL

There it goes.....
Much more fun to chew on!!


The Paris Apartment said...

What a little angel! She looks like a true girly girl! congratulations!!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Diana ~ She is an absolute doll ! I bet your are having so much fun !

Natasha Burns said...

Awwww Ashleigh is soooooooooooooo cute!

Ruth Welter said...

Diana, you look way too young to be a grandmother. Congratulations.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hope you had a good grandparents day! Congratulations. That little honey is a doll. I'm sure you know that. Thank's for visiting me! I'm off to visit your shop.

Anonymous said...

Your grand-daughter is a cutie patootie, she is adorable.
Chloe is adorable too, I think her and Coco Chenille would have a ball together.
:) Bren

Penny Carlson said...

OH! Ashleigh is sooo adorable! She must take after her grandmother!

Jennifer Froh said...

What a sweet little angel!!!!

Stephanie said...

Granddaughters are simply the best & yours is ADORABLE!!

Chloe is pretty cute, herself! Sissy & Rosie thank you for stopping by to visit the dogdom!!

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