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Friday, November 30, 2007

My website has a new look

Chloe's Chic Boutique has a brand new look! Lots of pink polka dots, pink stripes, and beautiful pink roses. I love it!

If you are in need of a designer for a website, banner or business cards... who specializes in feminine web graphics I recommend you check out " In My Cedar Chest".

Ebay sellers... You will love her large selection of auction templates, and store front designs available in her Ebay store.

Bev has designed both of my websites, my Ebay store front, all of my banners, and business cards... Does it sound like I'm hooked on her work?? LOL

Not only is Bev one of the most talented designers available, she's one of the nicest women you will ever meet!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Nice Surprise!

This morning I woke up to an email from Jenny from The Bowerbirds Nest with this adorable picture she created from the photo of me and Chloe. What a wonderful surprise! I just love it! Thank you so much Jenny!!

Doesn't it look just like us... and I am even holding Ashleighs birthday cake!

If you haven't met Jenn and Jacqui yet be sure to check out their wonderful blog!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Birthday Parties!

Since Ashleighs birthday was on a week day not all of the family could come, so she had a second party on the following weekend.
Her second party began with a family get together for lunch at a restaurant. Ashleigh had a window seat.
Doesn't her pink cart cover/ highchair cover look so girly??

After lunch we all we went to her Mimi and Pop pops home for cake, ice-cream and gifts.
I love the way her birthday cake matches the table cloth!

Don't you just love this expression?? I know she must be thinking "I can't reach my cake and ice-cream way over there!"

Finally... a taste!

Thank you for joining me for both of my Birthday parties!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

First Birthday

My sweet Grandbaby turned one! Ashleigh had a birthday party complete with a pretty pink cake, lots of presents...
And her very own "doggy" cake that looked like Chloe!

When we went to the bakery to pick up her cake, she kept looking at the "doggy" cakes and reaching out to them with her "gimme" sign (hand opening and closing).... soooo we thought it would be a good idea to buy her very own mini cake. Well, it turned out to be NOT such a good idea... when she tried to "play" with the doggy, and it began to fall apart in her hands she wasn't happy at all! She cried and cried!

After lots of hugs, kisses, and more presents... the doggy was forgotten, and she was happy again! LOL

Smile Award

Jennifer at Pear Street Studios passed this award to me. Thank you Jennifer!
I am supposed to pass it along to ten bloggers who make me smile.
I enjoy visiting so many different blogs, but here are some of my favorites... that do make me SMILE!
Natasha - Natasha Burns
Jenn & Jacqui- The Bowerbirds Nest