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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Special Day

One Sunday a month my entire family gets together for lunch. We each take a turn choosing the location. With everyones busy schedule it is a great way to stay close, keep up with news... and try out new restaurants too ;)
This Sunday was a special day... my parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary! I thought this was the perfect time to introduce them, and share some photos of my handsome daddy, and beautiful mom. My brothers and I are truly blessed to have them for parents... they are the best!

My parents met while my father was in the Air Force stationed in Japan.

Dad taught Mom to speak, read and write English... I cannot even imagine moving to an unfamiliar country, having to learn a new language and new customs! I also cannot imagine the time involved in teaching someone how to speak, read, and write a new language.
They overcame many obstacles... and I remember this when I feel faced with obstacles (small compared to theirs).
Here is my mother in her kimono.

Mom tells me that one of the first things she wanted after receiving her citizenship was an American name... Daddy called her "Rose" after her favorite flower. This is one of the first pictures of them as a couple. I'm happy to say their love is still strong... they still do everything together... shop, cook, exercise...etc, etc.
I love you Mom, and Dad, and hope you have many more Happy Anniversarys together!! XXOO

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Merry Christmas... And a Happy Birthday!!

Once again I am way behind on my post!
I had such a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends... and had every intention of posting a few pictures... At first I was having problems uploading my pictures (finally it is working again)!
Then water damage to my home from burst pipes... not ONCE, but TWICE! Repairmen in and out....
Anyway, slowly, but surely once again... here are a few pictures from a wonderful Christmas Day!

This year Christmas was hosted by my brother Ron, at his house. He has a GORGEOUS house, and has always been a natural at decorating!
He also has a local gift shop "Burns Gift Shop", and a new website where he offers home decor, and gift items.
Christmas day is also Rons birthday, so every Christmas we have two celebrations.

I love everything about his diningroom! This is where we ate our Christmas dinner.

Ron always decorates a tree in several rooms of his house, here is the tree that was in the livingroom. The picture doesn't do it justice... it was just beautiful!
I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas!