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Sunday, January 4, 2009

We Miss Him

It is an odd thing when JOY, and PAIN come so close together.... I was so happy when my sweet grandson was born on December 19th, then on December 24th I had to say goodbye to my sweet Chablis Mishka. He died at a very young age of four from cronic kidney failure.
Our house is too quiet now, and there is an emptiness that happens when a family member is gone... and you know they are not coming back. He was loved so much, and missed terribly.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Diana,

Happy new year to you and little Chloe. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful little kitty.... She was so lucky to have you....

I hope everyone at your house has a wonderful and happy new year.

Thanks for your compliment and to answer your question, my little guys go to the groomer once a month and the rest of the time, I brush them once a day. This helps me keep their coats a little longer and in good shape.

Take good care....


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh Diana, I'm so very sorry. What a beautiful baby you had. My heart goes out to you.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Shawna said...

I miss you Mishka Christmas was bittersweet this year with your death, I was so happy to have Braeden but so sad to lose you. Even though you were not my kitty anymore I loved you very much and will miss you... I know you wont be in anymore pain anymore....

Mary said...

I am so very sorry for your loss...Our pets have such a special part of our hearts and life. May you find comfort in all the memories you have of him.


NeereAnDear said...

I am terribly sorry for your loss... being one to have experienced this 3 years ago March... I can truly identify with your pain



Vintage Rose Collection said...

I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty.. She was beautiful :(

Your new grand-baby is adorable!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Im so sorry about the loss of your baby.
Its amazing the way these furry creatures
become part of our family and we love them sooo.
Id be lost without my pugsie.
Im sending hugs and kisses from the pug.