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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First Post!

I have just recently discovered blogging, and have found that visiting and reading other peoples blogs is a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day - although sometimes I must admit that occasionally I become so interested in some posts that it has the opposite effect and I end up staying up way too late!

I am a member of Beautiful Shops, and recently mentioned to the other girls that I had discovered their blogs and thought it would be fun to have one of my own.
Natasha Burns quickly offered to help me create mine... the next day my blog was born.
Thank You Natasha!


Natasha Burns said...

Welcome to the blogging world Diana! Happy to help you out and hope you enjoy yourself! Looking forward to reading your blog and by the way, your Chloe is adorable!!!!!
Natasha : )

Amanda said...

I second that comment Chloe looks like an angel lol.

I to have just started on this blogger stuff only because my husband found it for me i have never heard of this thing before?